I'm a wife and mother of two rough and tumble boys living in a beautiful historic and coastal city. Sometimes it's all about survival around here but we try to at least look like we have it all together! I'm very lucky to have a husband who puts up with my decorating whims and doesn't complain too much about the ever-present aroma of spray paint fumes in the garage. We love doing things as a family, going to the beach and to fun spots around town, and playing outside (when the swarms of mosquitoes don't eat us alive!). I have been inspired by thrifty makeovers, frugal finds, and unbelievable transformations. I hope to share and inspire others along the way too. I can't fit my decorating style into a neat little box. I can only describe it as: a little traditional, a tad vintage, a bit cottage, a sprinkling of coastal, with a pinch of French, a dollop of Southern, and a whole mess of CHEAP!

I just graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education. As I spend the summer looking for a teaching job, I plan to fill this blog with my past decorating and other home living adventures and continue to post new ones.