Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bookcase Revamp

Isn't she purrty? I love how this bookcase turned out. It was actually hanging on the wall in my parents' kitchen as sort of a bookcase/desk. The bottom part opened as a writing surface  They took it down when they were doing some remodeling of their own. My mom hated it. I spied it in the garage and asked for it. Free wood furniture? Yes please! I promptly wood glued that desk thingy shut as I did not plan to hang it. 

I learned the distressing technique I used here from Whitney, one of the two very talented ladies at Shanty2Chic. My knowledge of stains and waxes comes from poring over Miss Mustard Seed's site,  specifically this post and this post. She really is a furniture finishing and decorating goddess.
So, three weeks ago, when I did this project, I had no intentions of starting a blog. Therefore, I was never really good at remembering to take a before picture. I had to raid my sister's Facebook pictures to find an old shot of the bookcase while it was still in my parents' kitchen. I also had to crop her and her wacky friends out of it, hence the really bad quality. I will be diligent in taking before pics now!
How to Recreate This Look


Sanding wedge
Several clean rags
Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint
Minwax wood stain in Dark Walnut
Mixwax finishing wax for light wood


1: Clean your piece. I used Clorox wipes because they're easy and dry fast.
2. Lightly sand all surfaces and wipe away dust with a clean rag.
3. Rub the side of a candle along all edges. The paint will easily sand off for a distressed look.
4. Spray paint entire piece. Let dry according to label instructions.
5. Sand edges.
6. Apply stain with a light touch to small areas at a time. Start in an inconspicuous area. Wipe immediately with a damp rag to desired finish. It's much easier to add more than remove. If it's too much/too dark, let dry then sand and spray paint that area again.
7. Let stain dry.
8. Apply wax with a clean, dry cloth.
9. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.
10. Buff with a clean, dry cloth.

I attached fabric to the back leftover from my curtains and pillows. The fabric is from Hancock Fabrics and I got it last year during their 53rd Anniversary sale, for 53% off! 

I attached it by simply using a glue gun, starting at the top and pulling it tight as I glued. It can easily be removed if I fancy something new.

The bookcase decoration is not complete. A few things may need to be added. In general, I go by the rule that the eye should travel up and down along each shelf. I don't know where I first learned it, but Thrifty Decor Chick says it best here, when decorating above her cabinets.

To see a full  bookcase tchotchke breakdown click here.

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