Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nailing the Perfect Gallery Wall (The First Time)

I admit it. For the first 27 years of my life, I gave a wall the "eye," hammered a nail in, and hung a picture. If I was hanging a grouping of pictures, you could probably lift the frame to find several nail holes where my trusty  totally inaccurate method failed. Finally, I began using a tape measure. I know, right? Totally sold out. Well, the time came where I wanted my own gallery wall. It's miniature, but any sort of collective grouping is a little intimidating. Enter my secret weapon: wrapping paper. Here's the breakdown:

1. Simply roll out a sheet of wrapping paper onto the floor. I taped two pieces together because my grouping was wider than the width of the wrapping paper. 
2. Arrange your pictures on the wrapping paper and trace with a pencil. 
3. Remove pictures and trace pencil lines with a marker so you can see them better. 
4. Tape your wrapping paper to the wall and stand back to determine it is straight and the way that you want it.
5. Measure hangers on the back of frames to determine nail placement on the wall.
6. Nail holes and remove wrapping paper.
7. Hang pictures.

See? That wasn't so bad.

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