Monday, June 20, 2011

So you think you can sew, sew, seeeew?

Well, I can't. Don't have the patience to learn. Or the time. Well, it's really that when I want to sew something, I want it done thisverysecond. 
Up until now, I've used the oh-so-amazing seamstress skills of my mother, who has made every set of curtains in my house, and of my aunt Elizabeth, who made the throw pillows for my sofa.
This picture makes me realize how much I need a headboard.
Ready for the next great reveal? I made them with sheets. From K-Mart and Big Lots. I kid you not, people. This is real.
Ready to make your own? I made 4 95" two-tone curtain panels, 3 throw pillows,  and a bedskirt for a king-sized bed. With so much left to spare, I also covered the back of my bookshelf/bedside table the same way I did here. It really gives a crappy bookcase a more finished look.

What I Used:

Unique Stitch (available at Hancock Fabric)
2 twin sheet sets (mine were from K-Mart in a cute pattern)
2 twin flat sheets (mine were from Big Lots in white)
1 full sheet (I already had this, in white, the perfect reason to save sheets in sizes you no longer have a bed for)
Sticky back velcro tape for fabric, enough to wrap around three sides of your box spring (I did not use the kind for fabric and will probably have to eventually reinforce with Unique Stitch)
pillow forms (I bought two 18" squares with a credit from Bed Bath & Beyond, the other, I just covered an old pillow)
Black Curtain Rods

Tutorials coming soon!

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