Monday, May 30, 2011

The Boys' Birthday Parties


What a day it was! I took the plunge and had a family birthday party yesterday for the boys. They are two years and a day apart. Yesterday was Bub's birthday and today is Boop's. Yes, I know. Odd nicknames. Let me digress..

When Bub was little, Nick called him Bubba. Then he started calling himself Bubba. Luckily, that stopped. We are proudly southern, not redneck. Then Nick gave him his old super hero action figures (circa 1987), which began the all-out obsession with all things Marvel and DC. After two plus years, I don't see this phase ending anytime soon. This is where Wolverine comes into the picture. You see, he calls bad guys "Bub." "Back off, Bub! Grrr!" You may not have known this. I do. I know ALL about super heroes now. And voila, the nickname Bub.

Then there's Boopy. Or Boop. Sometimes Shingy, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms. I am the proud creator of Boopy. I don't know, it was baby talk or something. But I called our family dog growing up Poopy, and sometimes I called my sister Booby Brothers. I can't explain it, but you may see a trend. Well, it stuck. Bub introduces strangers to Boop frequently. Except it sounds more like Boob. I either try to explain or hope they didn't hear.

But anyway back to the party! My babies are 2 and 4 now. It's bittersweet! They are so big! Last weekend we had a party for their preschool friends at Monkey Joe's. Total stress-free party! I made cupcakes and goody bags. The wonderful staff did the rest. Bliss!
 So much jumping makes a thirsty boy.
 Notice the band-aid? Bub fell off the TOP of his Little Tykes coupe the day before. It's already healed.
 My mom usually doesn't dress up so much for a kids' party. They had a wedding right after.
Most pictures on the jump castles were blurry or major action shots!

Finally, the family party:
I probably overdid it. But if I'm going to have a party, might as well have a good one!
For a tutorial on cupcakes and toppers click here.
 The birthday boys with their cousin Miss K
 Tissue paper pomanders courtesy of Martha. I used paper from Dollar Tree, pipe cleaners that I had, and fishing line from a pole in the garage. I made the smaller ones by cutting the paper down to 10" by 15." Oh, and I didn't make sure the folds were measured right. I just folded.
 The boys with my dad

Here is one of the birthday t-shirts I made. These are easy! 
For the tutorial click here.

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